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Club Ambiance Bakuli Bukesa is now open to the Public.

Opening day at Club ambiance

Opening day at Club ambiance

On the 25th of July, The proprietor of Ambiance discotheques, Mr Kiyimba Joseph added to his collection another club in the Center of Kampala. This is the third club in the country, the other two already in Masaka and Mityana. The Chief Guest was The Kattikiro of Buganda, Owek. Charles Peter Mayiga who encouraged Ugandans to enjoy themselves in such a place after a hard days work.

The Glamorous structure stands on a full acre of land with all sophistications ranging from sound, lighting and ambiance. With three floors, the Banker is for the big spenders while the Hyper is for the ordinary folks and the VIP for those very important.

Open four times a week, on Wed, Fri, Sat and Sun, plans are order way to establish as many theme nights as possible starting with the oldies night on 29th August 2014. The Guest of honor is expected to be Kampala’s socialite, Prince Wasajja.

This is arguably the best club in Uganda. It is a place worth visiting with friends and family.

Distinguished Service Award to Mr Abbey Mukiibi Nkaaga

Mr mukiibi Recieveing his award.

Mr mukiibi Recieveing his award.

Ladies and gentlemen I want to take this opportunity to present the prestigious award of distinguished service to the following noble gentle men who have contributed immensely to the broadcasting industry of Uganda.

The first recipient is a Graduate of music dance and drama, Makerere University; this gentleman is an accomplished actor and director and also the Artistic Director of Afri-talent a professional drama company. He has been directing and acting for theatre since 1994. He has acted and directed over 30 plays acted by his acting company “The Afri-Talent”.

He won the Best Actor Uganda National Theater Award in 1994 for his role as King Freddie in a play “Saagala Agalamidde” at the Uganda National Theatre. He featured in a missionary video “Fires of Hope and has appeared in a popular TV soap entitled “Ensitaano- the Scuffle” a Television soap that was very popular  on the  Uganda TV airwaves for 4 years showing on WBS TV. He has also won Best production accolades in various play productions namely; “Omuyaga Mu Makoola”,”Ekitangaala mu Nzikiza”

Equally though, on the broadcasting scene, he is no mean feat. He is currently the radio programes manager of central broadcasting service (CBS).  He is also in charge of the most entertaining morning radio program Kalisoliso, a sports programme loaded with comedy and laidback banter from the presenters People listen and get tired of programmes, but not Kaliisoliiso.

The secret for the show’s popularity is its unpredictability; information, analysis, advocacy and to many, it is a stress-reliever. He is also involved in a lot of charity activities to help the vulnerable and disadvantaged and was recently awarded an accolade by the Rotary for his consistent struggle in helping the fight towards heart patients.

Today being the world radio day, we congregate to celebrate the contribution made by this gentle man and his team, over the years and we pray that he becomes a hero to many of you for you have demonstrated such enthusiasm to win any ranks and be counted as one among the many who endeavour to communicate, inform and entertain the Ugandan audience and beyond. It is my honour and pleasure to present this award of distinguished service in the broadcasting industry of Uganda to Mr. Abby Mukiibi Nkaaga.


Youth prefer Gambling

The gambling craze that has attracted the youth

The Jubilee celebrations under the auspices of the Buganda Kindom set of in high gear on the 5th October as a precouser to the 8th october(Buganda Independence day) celebrations. At lubiri palace, the crowd comprised of youth and school going children. the celebrations attracted numerous performers and choirs. However, notable of the activities was the gambling arean where school going kids triied their luck by spending the few coins they had. Diffrent make shift boards where in place and at one particular board it was a young boy incharge of the gambling process.

A young boy maning the gambling board

Nansimbe Represents. 

Nansimbe Winnie

As a sign of confidence and charisma Nansimbe Winnie, a 1st year Mass Communication student represented course members at the recently concluded Miss Muteesa royal University Kakeeka Campus beauty pageant.  She came second out of only three contestants for the night.  She was utterly disappointed after her colleagues opted out of the pageant at the last hour.  The eventual winner was Mary Nakasi, a 2nd year information technology student.

The pageant organizer Lydia Mbasenge, was seen moving up and down, determined to the night go as planned.  During an interview Nansimbe revealed that her ambitions in life include modeling and her role model in this area is Vanquisher, one of Uganda’s top models signed under Jerome labels.

  Nansimbe confirms that after testing and waddling through the waters on the night, she is confident that the sky is the limit and promises to work hard and achieve her dream.

To Sing or Not to Sing

The debate rages on among gospel artists who have opted to join the secular stage settings and earn something. The press has it that Pastor Kigganda has set a two weeks ultimatum for any known Gospel artist who joins the different festival events organized by “Mbaleese” around the country.  Notable Gospel artists under attack include Pastor Wilson Bugembe of “Lengera embaata “fame and Judith Babirye Niwo among others. One can not help but ask why this act has attracted so much press space and time. Judith Babirye has always been a critic of such festivals in the past . In fact during one of the PAM AWARDS  events, Babirye refused a Gospel award in pretext of “not believing in secular music events. She declined to pick the award.  In my own view, this turn of events has been orchestrated by the desire to earn something and not rely on handouts and church collections. When Balamu organizes a festival ,  these artists are assured of a good package, presence, wonderful performance and recognition. These amenities do not occur in gospel renditions.  Further still, these artists have realized that their music does not only appeal to fellow “Savdees” but cuts across all sections of society. Recently Pastor Bugembe and Judith Babirye each organized a “Launch” of sorts which turned out successful. However, not only the savdees but all those who love their music attended. Actually these artists are comfortable today with attending secular events because they have something to take home.   Testimonies from artists like Winnie Munyenga that too much “Vodoo” practice goes on behind the stage are immaterial. it depends on what you call Vodooo. Secondly, the essence of performing in such secular events is all about winning and converting as many souls as possible. I will be in position to know more about Pastor Bugembe’s church and prophecy if he visits my area of abode.  As far as the ultimatum is concerned, i think these artists should just ignore such threats  and go ahead with their quest to win hearts and make more money.


Golola set to Defend Title or what?

The prolific but controversial kick boxer Moses Golola “Of Uganda”  is set to exhibit his antics and skills again in Kampala come the 27th April 2012 at Lugogo Indoor stadium . The much hyped show of Dec 2011 ended in controversy when the referee and announcer ended up providing conflicting information which saw Golola take the day.  The contractual obigations between Golola and his would be promoter Kanyomozi also twisted the whole saga to a point of interjections by the Minister of sports  James Bakabulindi.  This time around Golola has hired a tactician to help improve his skills therefore Ugandans should brace themselves for a Kick boxing show that has never been presented in the country. However, word is making rounds that the skillful promoter Balama is in charge of the show though we are not sure whether the Hungarian Naggy is the one stepping into the ring. . Lets watch the space.  It’s “Bend over” as The Ambiance Discotheque Opens



The proprietor Mr Kiyimba thanked all people of Masaka for the endless support and encouraged them to utilize all facilities at the new club. he also gave out gifts to all members  who have endlessly supported the club. The old complex will turn into a hotel he said.

Revellers enjoy the Music in Club Ambiance

The special night attracted guest DJ Emma of CBS who kept the dance floor jammed to capacity. Notable musicians present included Mariam Ndagire, Chris Evans, Queen Florence, Hajjati Sophia Nantongo  and Billy Katumba popularly known as “Kasodde” who put up a splendid live performance.

Nantongo does her thing

All the three floors of the club were filled to capacity and the spectacular LED screen, one of the kind in Uganda ranked the club in a class of its own. The club will have regular entertainment including ladies and theme nights. The show sponsors were MTN, Bell larger and Pepsi cola among others.

“Escape” thrills Kalangala Pupils   School going primary kids was thrilled by the magic and creativity in the film “Escape from school” which was part of their entertainment this season.  “Escape” a film produced and directed by Abu Kawenja , targets primary school children and explores the adventurous nature of school children. The first show was at Bumanje parish school where the kids plus their teachers got a treat of adventure in the first horrific thriller produced In Uganda.  Second show was at St Kizito primary school Beta, where the number was overwhelming that the show was presented in the community church. The next day saw the crew and director visiting Kibanga Primary school were a total of 400 pupils were crammed into the main hall to have a glimpse of the “Escape” The response was overwhelming I should say.   This tour by Adzido Entertainment Services included a visit to both Serwanga Lwanga and Bishop Dustan Nsubuga Secondary schools where the movie “Mpattwa” was show cased. At Serwanga, a student could not believe she was watching a story that actually happened in their neighborhood. She never imagined that someone can adopt the story into a film.  She requested for a hug just to thank me. I simply obliged.         

  Deborah Asiimwe wins for Uganda  
This is unbelievable. Our own Deborah Asiimwe was declared overall winner of the BBC award in African Performance Play Writing Competition, displacing Nigerians that have dominated the drama edition in the past 50 years.  Ms Deborah Asiimwe, who wrote Will Smith Look Alike, telling the story of 17-year-old Tereka as he travels to New York with his school music group after they won a national competition, was declared overall winner. 
Bebe Cool ne Zuena nga bali ku kitanda kimu mu ddwaaliroOMUYIMBI Bebe Cool eyagudde ku kabenje atabudde abasawo bw’avudde ku kitanda kye n’agenda ku kya mukaziwe Zuena  bombi babajjanjabire wamu nga buli omu alaba ku munne.
Kyokka Bebe yayongedde okwewuunyisa abantu bwe yatandise okwogera nga bw’ayagala Zuena afune olubuto era azaale balongo nti kyokka ne bw’anaaba mwana omu ayagala kumutuuma linnya ‘Kabenje’ asobole okujjukirirako akabenje akaabadde kamutwala e Kaganga ne gwe yayise swiiti we

The way to go Bebe…

This is the most exciting piece of news I have come across this week. Bebe Cool shifting from his hospital bed to that of the wife. The couple was involved in a nasty accident as they returned from Lira town a few days ago. Their car lost control after one of the rear tyre experienced a puncture. You know a married man in hospital needs comfort amidst doctor’s prescription of drugs and therapy. In case his wife is also in hospital, then he can as well enjoy the company of his partner regardless of any restrictions imposed by the hospital administration.

This can even lead to a speedy recovery. Better still, Zuena experienced wounds in her face leaving the rest of the body including her sexy legs intact. In case she experienced any back problem, then Bebe can easily massage her back or create some momentum for body movement. Lucky enough they are in a private room so they cannot be a menace to other patients. In fact doctors should advocate for such a practice for married patients although incidences of people experiencing heart attacks at night would increase in the hospital.

This story reminds me of a man whose wife was arrested by KCC city enforcement officials for conducting business without a license. She was sent to the cells awaiting her fate. The husband decided to join her by causing a fracas at the police station so that he can also be sent to the cell to be with his wife. When he got inside, he could not see the wife. He was surprised to learn that women are kept in separate cells from men.


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8 06 2010
Mugabi Robert

All that is true but i always have aquestion in my mind on when our lovely ChaBaSa (CBS) is coming bark on air because we miss her

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