Mobile 2015 ends on a good note.

4 07 2015
It speaks volumes

It speaks volumes

Every year in the month of June, my schedule reads “Leave time” and i decided to always take this time, not for granted but a chance to reflect on what the future holds for me. However, as i do reflect, i also get some time to run a few  activities including Mobile cinema. Its an activity that no one ever wants to execute  in Uganda but could redeem many young lads who wish to venture into Film.  The poster above speaks volumes, were my name is the brand and not the movie title or play. A staff member at  Good Foundation Primary school Masaka  designed it  and i applaud him(Mr Katongole ) for that initiative. The school has an enrollment of 1500 kids and each kid paid 1000 Shs. Their small main hall could only accommodate 300 kids per  show. I had four show running in a day. Thank you madam Nassuna Mary the Director. Till next year 2016, hopefully.




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