Masengere Finally inaugurated.

25 04 2015

13th April is an official public holiday in the Kingdom of Buganda. Its is Kabaka Muwenda Mutebi’s birthday. This year, 2015, the Kabaka was celebrating his 60th birthday at Bulange Mengo and guess what, his birthday present from his subjects was the magnificent Masengere Building which was finally completed after Amin had started the structure in the late 70’s. Amin’s Army had taken over Bulange building after Obote had outlawed all cultural heads in the country as far as 1967. The officers lacked office space and the government decided to construct an adjacent building to the republican house. The overthrow of Amins government in 1979 brought a halt to all the construction efforts. The reinstatement of Kingdoms in 1991 rejuvenated plans to complete the structure. The appointment of Charles Peter Mayiga as Kattikiro saw him undertake a countrywide fund-rising drive to complete the building. On the 13th of April, it was officially handed over to the Kabaka as his 60th birthday present. Long live the King.

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