Finally, they get here!!!!

16 03 2015

Ugandan artisans and service providers never stop to amaze the public. They seem to read from the same book and frankly they must belong to the same parents. I guess you by now know what exactly i am talking about, empty promises. The picture above was taken on 15 Feb 2015. This day has since become so special to me. It is the World Radio Day as announced by UNICEF since 2010. It is a day for all radio enthusiasts to focus on the radio medium and how it has benefited the Masses. Radio is the dominant communication channel in Africa, and south of the sahara, it covers over 95% of the populations in this area. However, radio is least developed in Africa compared to the rest of the world. Having such a day is one of the ways to ensure that the capacity of Radio is enhanced.

Secondly, it has become a tradition for RTF Practical training Center to always have and celebrate their graduation ceremony on this day. It is synonymous with the core training areas at the facility. And yours truly, this picture was taken on 15th Feb 2015 but i have just received my pictures today, yet i paid in full for photography services, weeks before the function. Now this says a lot about our work ethic as Ugandans. I dont know wether i deserve such uncultured treatment but many Ugandans out their are going through this nightmare some how. Carpenters, artisans, builders, name it, have always taken their clientele for granted and i keep wondering why this has become a tradition. A service delivered on time is a rare occurrence in Uganda to an extent that a site engineer may surprise you if he/she allots a considerable chunk of their time to completing your project. I think i should not fret, because, i might be misunderstood for raising my dissatisfaction. Any ways, we had a lovely function with 17 certificate students and 47 diploma students. The chief guest was Owek Nuwa kiyimba, the state minister fir education Buganda Government.




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