Bebe Cool wins another Battle of the Champions.

10 12 2013
Undisputed Ugandan Artist

Undisputed Ugandan Artist

Celebrated Ugandan Artist, Moses Ssali a.k.a Bebe Cool, claimed his title as Uganda’s Musical Champion after emerging victorious in a musical battle with Ugandans hot new sensational dual of Moze Radio and Weasel TV, both of the Goodlyfe Crew.  This was at Kyadondo Rugby Grounds on 6th December 2013.

 The much-hyped show saw people assembling under the Gagamel and Goodlyfe families well stationed to support their respective artists. The Goodlyfe crews were the first to take the stage and put up a commendable live performance, taking their supporters back in time with great tunes like Jennifer and Zuena. When it was Bebe Cools turn, his performance outclassed the duals to an extent that the crowd saw an early winner even before the show had progressed as far. Bebe Cools performance was superb with the artist rhyming favorably with the back up band, starting with Bafudde, to Sente and Kamwaako.

As the battle was going on, an international artist, Busy Signal was also busy entertaining a multitude of Ugandans across at the Lugogo Cricket oval.  Although it seemed like an uncoordinated movement of troops, it was also a chance for promoters BK entertainment and KT production to flex about who is the best show organizer and promoter.

 The final bout was expected at resort beach Entebbe but the Goodlyfe crew failed to turn up citing fatigue as a challenge. Bebe Cool was a clear winner. Who is he taking on next? Is it Jose Chameleon of the Eagles production? Watch the space. 




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