13 11 2013


The Katikkiro of Buganda, Owek Charles Peter Mayiga has insisted on the use of Luganda as the official communication language to be used in all internal formal communications within the kingdom. This was during a meeting with employees from CBS FM, Buganda Land Board, Majestic Events, Nkuluze, BUCADEF, and Katikkiro’s office, who congregated this morning at Bulange, the kingdom’s administrative seat.

 Katikkiro Mayiga, flanked by some ministers in Buganda Government, wondered why the different ministerial personnel and other Buganda establishment officials who formally communicate to his office, do not do so in Luganda. He added that his office and all those who operations center at Bulange should be the custodians of Luganda and should strive to promote the language through all internal communications.

 He reiterated the fact that all employees at Bulange, in their different capacities are important like the different parts of a motorcar. The Steering wheel cannot claim to be more important that the Brake pads, he stressed. He also added that the hard working employees would always be exemplary, their efforts noticed and consequently rewarded. 

 The Katikkiro stressed the fact that the kingdom employees own the initiative of changing Buganda, own those changes and believe in them. They should be spreading out the gospel and winning as many converts as possible. He advised them to be focused and add value to what ever it is they do.

 In his closing remarks, he reiterated the four major principles on which he hinge his activities in the kingdom at the moment.

  •  Okukuuma , okutaasa n’okunyweeza Namulondo
  •  Okutereeza enzirukanya ye Milimu mu Bwakabaka naddala obwerufu, obuyiiya, obunyikivusaako okukola n’okwagala.
  •  Okumaliliza ekizimbe kya Bulange Plaza, amassiro saako olubiri lwa kabaka okubeera mu mbeera emuweesa ekitiibwa.
  •  Okununula ettaka lyaffe n’okuba obumu.

 He ended his talk with the famous quote by Mahatma Gandhi;

 You should be the change you want.





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