Its 20 years now since July 1993

3 08 2013

2013-08-03 15.15.51

July 31st 1993 seems like yesterday. It is the day when the Prince Ronald Muwenda was enthroned as Kabaka of Buganda at Naggalabi Buddo, the cultural site where this ceremony is conducted.

 I have vivid memories of that day as a student at Light bureau of Accountancy Seguku, which by then was headed buy the principle Samson Mukalazi  (RIP). Seguku was the designated route for the crown prince, through Nalumunye to Buddo. Mukalazi was greatly involved in the area preparation and we expected the Crown prince to stop by at the institution. To our dismay, prince Ronnie Mutebi passed by simply waving to the small crowd that had assembled.

 As Editor in Chief of The Bureau Digest, the institutional notice board newspaper, I had the privilege to attend this function. With a pen and simple notebook, the young and energetic lad in me ventured to the coronation site. I was full of life and wished to try out my skills as an upcoming journalist. From all the comments and applauding I received there after from my colleagues, and the 500 words news story that was pinned the next day, I knew that one day I have such a great impact on the Ugandan journalism scene.

 All walks of journalist form different media houses graced today’s function, with television stations flexing about the best live coverage. Radio stations also had their share too. No doubt I was one of those present since now CBS FM, a media establishment owned the Kabaka,  gave me a chance to horn my skills. .

 As the kingdom celebrates 20 years of the king on the throne, I cannot help but look back and reminisce that day, July 31st 1993. My colleagues, Patrick Kagaba Amooti, Attenyi, David Musoke, Sarah Sewanyana, Sarah Muwonge, Nakabuye Cate, and the rest, thank you for that moment, and I wish all of them the best.




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