Fire at Bulange Quarter Guard

10 10 2012

The Quarter Guard after the fire

One person is confirmed dead and two others seriously injured this morning as a surprise fire attack engulfed Bulange, the administrative seat of the Buganda kingdom. The arsonist set fire at the quarter guard after an argument. It is alleged that a woman who is mentally retarded and has been a common figure at Bulange was forced out of the establishment after she had sneaked inside without permission. Every morning this woman would come to Bulange and shout around sounding nonsensical words about the different presenters. The guards resolved not to offer her any chance of entering the establishment. This has been going on for weeks as she decided to retire occasionally at a nearby kiosk to have some food.

On Monday 8th October, she was still denied entry. She resolved that one day she will eventually do something that the people at Bulange will never forget. Today 10th October she beat security and found her way inside. This perturbed the guards who res0lved to force her out of Bulange. A scuffle ensued and she ended up tearing one of the guards uniform. The guards locked her up momentarily in the quarter guard cell, where she took advantage of the security fuel rations kept there. She decided to set the place ablaze. She died in the fire but two other people, a one Betty, who was the cleaner of the place and another popularly known as captain, were rushed to hospital with severe injuries by a military ambulance. We hereby await the official report by police.




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