Trade Fair fails to impress.

8 10 2012


Lugogo Show Grounds


The 20th edition of the Uganda manufacturer’s association trade fair is set to close on wed 10th October after the jubilee independence celebrations. Many Uganda companies have exhibited numerous products but still the trade fair has failed to achieve one of the major objectives, and that is exhibiting Ugandan made products. Apart from the companies that manufacture cosmetics and soap, where by most of the raw materials are imported; very few companies do exhibit Ugandan made products.


The comestic companies enjoyed the day

I believe that the essence of the manufacturers trade fair is to show case what is made at home and the potential client forges contact with manufactures.   As I moved from stall to stall, my desire was to see a growth in trend as far as manufacturing is concerned, and what it is that has been manufactured of late.

You can never miss this guy at UMA trade fair

Apart from the few Cosmetic company products, its only Makerere university food science department that tried to impress with their soya sausages which last a little longer without refrigeration and also the few companies that produce Brisk charcoal. The rest do exhibit imported electrical materials and Chinese wear. What a shame.




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