Buganda Kick Starts Jubilee Independence Celebrations.

5 10 2012


Lubiiri Mengo show today

The Buganda government has set off the pace for Jubilee independence celebrations at Lubiri Palace in mengo this afternoon. The event organized by Kampala jubilee feast and the Buganda Government saw numerous students and other enthusiasts attend the function. Although a mid afternoon down pour interrupted the events, none the less the event picked vigor later in the day.

The Katikkiro attending the function

The Katikiro of Buganda, Owek, Engineer JB Walusimbi graced the function and reiterated the need to reminisce about the last 50 years and strategies for the next 50 years. He urged the youth to be vigilant and start working towards a better Buganda in the next 50 years.  Also in attendance was the speaker of the Buganda Lukiiko Hajji Ibrahim Serunkuuma,   Madam Apolonia Mugumbya, the minister for youth affairs and the Minister of Health Owek, Wasswa  Nkalubo





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