Abdul Mulaasi “Adds” another one.

31 08 2012
The Kwanjula that was.

Fatuma and Abdul Mulaasi enjoying the day

Abdul Mulaasi is a man of all seasons with rare antics and values. Being a Muslim who does not taste alcohol, his relaxation point seems to be women.  The Kadongo Kamu singer has added another woman to his flock coming to three if my memory serves me right.  It was flair and glamour with the couple enjoying every moment of the function. The function was graced by numerous musicians, artists and radio personalities.

I got to know Abdul Mulaasi through a close friend and in-law, the late Umar Mufumba. He persuaded me to attend Abdul’s introduction ceremony organized at the home of a one “Kuliventalo” some years back in Gayaza. Kuliva was such a stunning beauty of Arabic descent.  It was a good ceremony by all standards. As years went by, Abdul Mulaasi was back in the media announcing his intended introduction to another lady from Lukaya. Unfortunately, this function I did not attend.

The Young emperekezie in a unique attire

On 30th August 2012, Abdul invited me to attend another of his introduction ceremonies. This was at  Munyonyo and the lucky girl was a one Fatuma, based in London.  Notable at the function were the body guards that Abdul mulaasi hired who ensured that not everybody gets close to the “Mugole”. They were dressed in black suits one could easily mistake them for funeral service pole bearers.

Fatuma having jetted in a few days earlier, made use of her free luggage quota provided by airline companies. From school bags and dolls to water jugs and unique wrappers, it was clear that she was interested in a unique function.  The function was well branded with British flags. The visitors where each handed a small British flag to wave before the bride could appear in the yard.  The flags where surely remnants of the batch prepared for those to attend the London Olympics games 2012.  Some of the local music stars where part of the entourage and put up formidable performances. Notable among them were Haruna Mubiru and Cathy kusaasira. The Kadongo Kamu stars also did not disappoint since   Abdul Mulaasi is a notable Kandongo kamu musician.  As a staunch Muslim, Abdul Mulaasi is entitled to four wives so watch this space.

The Girls doing their thing




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10 10 2012
Sabiiti Muwanga

This is very enterprising Abu

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