Mobile Cinema proves a point.

26 03 2012

St Kizito S.S. Katikamu students enjoying Mobile Cinema

True enough the mobile cinema phenomenon is gaining momentum across the African continent. Although this aspect has in the past been a preserve of nongovernmental organizations through their well formulated interventions aimed at pushing their mandate in the region, they have always benefited on a way or the other. However the African film maker has ignored this wonderful and delightful way to expose and improve awareness of their different narrative local videos. This year, Adzido Entertainment Services embarked on yet another mobile cinema venture to show case their video of the Play “Gw’osussa Emmwanyi” written by Wyclif Kiyingi and directed by Abu Kawenja. The response was rather positive in some district due to the enthusiastic c support of all the teachers concerned. Notable was Mr Mbalire of Mityana Modern school , Madam Lunkuse Ester Lutaaya of Kayenje Secondary school in Mpigi District and Madam Nanyonjo Jesca of St Kizito Secondary School in Luweero.

The students and community enjoyed the experience highlighting the fact that the service was brought much nearer to them using the latest and portable technology.

Although many Ugandan movie producers have not considered the experience of mobile cinema, it could be one lucrative way of financing future projects and also eliminating the pirates who have made the distribution of African movie narratives very complicated. The preparations may prove tedious for a non ambitious producer. However if one goes through the rotundity of permission and awareness, the returns may be worth the task.

We had a total of 7 shows in three districts. Our target audience was secondary school students. We had an advance team to book shows in these schools and then the teachers embarked on the mobilization trail. Our team of 3 had to share all impending responsibilities. Jotham Lumbuye , our engineer was in charge of operating the machines, Edith Namugenyi responsible for collecting cash and issuing tickets while my role was that of an event manager. Each student paid 2000 Uganda shs. A total of 1417 students paid for the shows plus a few members of the communities. Our expenses were limited to Fuel, accommodation and meals. If a given team has considered all relevant aspects in preparation for such a venture, the result may me over whelming. Try it out.

Showing "Gw'osussa Emmwanyi"




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