Kalisoliso Lunch Buffet

1 07 2011

Julian and Brenda set for lunch during the Kalisoliso lunch buffet

Radio broadcasting has greatly changed. It is no longer the one way stream media that has been popular for  some good time  in the history of the media . The social media that is  Face book, Twitter, Emails and more,  has greatly changed the way people communicate and yes they have also enhanced the radio content. I came to such a conclusion yesterday when the Kalisoliso crew of Kato Lubwama, Abbey Mukiibi and my self ,  hosted a group of about 30 lucky radio listeners to a buffet luncheon at Hotel Barbados Rubaga. The likes of Phiona Love, Kim Wild, Lubanga, Brenda Daryin, Julian Kanakulya, Sophia Namugenyi, Solome Atenyi, ( why only recall the ladies?) were in attendance. John Bitta and Muwonge, an ardent listener based in Owino market made up the other group. It was an electrifying  moment of hugs, posing for pictures and exchanging pleasantries . It was so surprising that Julian remembered almost all the jokes cracked in the program .

This special group was as a result of constant interactivity on Face book, one of the many social platforms available on cyberspace. This explosion powered by desk tops, mobile devices and tablets alike has enabled interactivity and social outings built around the proposition of socializing the radio experience. As a member of the crew, the presentations and hearing people discuss our jokes and comments on radio was both revealing and interesting to say the least.

The Internet is definitely set to change how we orient and associate in the media. These developments and more will make radio programming and advertising more social and more interactive due to the interactivity and generation of feedback in a public sphere. Radio practitioners should learn that the social media will matter that much if content is fundamentally worth talking about and sharing. This is critical and as a broadcaster I do not regard this as an inconvenience or distraction. We should be proud of the active listeners in form of engagement and attention. The convergence of technology, audiences and content will continue to make the listener my personal friend. This ensures an honest and authentic interaction which is satisfying. Such interactions like a moment with the Kalisoliso crew will soon be part of Uganda’s social calender .

The social media continuously enhances our content and such meetings are set to define what broadcasting will become, that is, more personal than ever. Those who missed out, do not worry . We are having lunch in Owino market soon. Make sure you are part of this gathering. Thank you for the support and please keep listening.




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