A Cat will always chase a Rat

24 11 2010

Two and a half weeks now and the stories of promiscuos musicians have graced headlines of numerous dailies especially Bukedde newspaper. They have  on numerous occasions, according to the paper, been found by their spouses in such uncompromising situations. This, to me does not call for alarm because they are not the first married women to do that. Many have commited adultery and are still doing it even as i write now. However what is so purturbing is the fact that their husbands are actually fuelling the debate by providing as much information to the press as possible including SMS messages found on the phones of these two diva’s. Further still they are washing their dirty linen continuously in public to the support of some sections in society.   The world is never short of suprises. These robust men will find themselves in a catch 22 sitiuation when they actually yearn for the love of their women and possibly assemble in public alongside the promiscoius ladies forgeting their efforts to try and turnish the images of these musicians. Just watch the space.  Wether this image recking publicity will force the musicians to reform, i dont know  but this reminds me of the cat eating a rat story. Once upon a time a male cat was worried by the divorce rate of couples within its enviroment. Marriages were breaking up at a teriffic speed. He wonderd what to do. This male cat decided to seek services of a witch doctor who advised the cat to avoid eating rats if the marriage is to survive. This cat was determined to keep the marriage until one day a  bumliscious brunette cat passed by. The male cat was suprised. He had never seen such beauty in years.  He remebererd  his pledge, no eating rats, but actually this female cat was irresistable. After trying to keep his promise for such a long time , the female cat was now  even more succulent. He made a move and was caught in the process.  His marriage was now turbulent just like his neighbours but pushed on anyway. This cat confirmed one aspect; that cats will always chase rats no matter what. That is the moral lesson for you.




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