Medard Seggona Resigns from Mengo

16 06 2010

The former Buganda deputy information minister Medard Lubega Seggona, has resigned his cabinet post and joined active politics. Speaking to the Ugandan press today, Seggona, who is affiliated to the Democratic Party (DP) ,  said he is to contest for the Parliament seat in Busiro East Constituency which is currently held by Susan Nakwuki of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC). Nakawuki has since expressed interest to contest for the Woman MP for Masaka ,one of the newly curved out districts in the country making over 110 districts in Uganda. Segonna is the second official from Mengo to join active politics after Mulwanya Muli Ssemwogere who recently announced he had joined the Inter Party Cooperation (IPC).   

Meanwhile, State house has refuted reports that appeard in the Observer newspaper about President Museveni threatened to cut off the Kabaka’s head if he does not stop dividing Ugandans along ethnic lines.  State house reiterates that the president was quoted out of context by the paper’s reporters although the paper , according to State House, has  shown total inclination to Mengo of  late.




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