Pam Awards Revamped

1 06 2010

Artist of the year 2008

 The much coveted award ceremony for Ugandan musicians, the Pearl of Africa Music (PAM) Awards, will surely have a slot on the highly anticipated events 2010 in Uganda. Musicians and the Ugandan socialites missed out on the event in 2009 due to irregularities and mismanagement by the organizers. The event had been severely marred by awarding controversies, tax evasion and lack of transparency by the managers led by Isaac Mulindwa. Further still, the artists had a problem with the awards especially when it came to the categorization of the different artist. Some musicians did not believe they belonged to the categories slated. The events had a final blow when the winners publically announced that they have never received their prize monies with some having settled for half packages. The organizers are set to hit the road after a year in slumber with regional shows and to climax with a grand finale in Kampala. The PAM Awards 2008 edition saw Juliana Kanyomozi taking the Artist of the year award, the highest accolade sought for by Ugandan musicians. The organizing committee of the Pam awards had broadened the scope of the event with the inclusion of regional awards for the East African community. Who will be the Pam award artist of the year 2010? Is it Bebe Cool of Bobi Wine? Well…only Isaac Mulindwa knows.




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