Nambooze ” The Iron Lady”

26 05 2010

The Iron Lady

 Finally.  Betty Nambooze Bakileke has finally trounced Rev Peter Bakaluba in a hotly contested by election  in Mukono North.  The Electoral Commission released results from the 157 polling stations placing Ms Nambooze at 16,142 votes against Rev. Bakaluba’s 14,302. Invalid ballots totaled 663.  The seat fell vacant after a court battle lasting 4 years in which Nambooze was contesting the declaration of Bakaluba as Member of Parliament for Mukono North. According to Nambooze populary known as “Madam teacher”, the lord has finally rewarded her with victory which was snatched away in 2006. The last minute canvassing of votes by the NRM top leadership including President Museveni and Vice president Gilbert Bukenya could not do much to salvage viictory and retain the NRM seat.   DP leaders and the ICP machinery were all based in Mukono to ensure that no loop hole is utilized the NRM to steal the votes. Cases of individulas being arrested by police have been sighted including CBS’s Moses Kasibante and Nambooze’s main campaing manager. However, police confirmed that all individuals arrested were later released on police bond. To some people, the Mukono North by election was a litmus test for Buganda and Government, since Nambooze is “Omukungu wa Ssabasajja” in relation to land utilization campaigns.  The imminent closure of CBS by government and the torching of the Masiro by unknown people have been some of the issues that Nambooze has effectively utilized during her campaigns and these issues will feature a lot in the 2011 presidential and parliamentary campaigns. The rumor mill had it that Museveni could not stomach Nambooze in parliamnet and that he would do what ever it takes to ensure that she does not win the race. Although Nambooze is to represent Mukono north for only nine months, she believes that as a woman she can do a lot in nine months than what Bakaluba could have possibly done for the consituency. “ Wakili nazaala omwana aligasa mukono Bakaluba kyatasobola kkola mu bbanga elisigadeyo”   

Public Broadcaster should serve the National Interest.

 A 145 page report on public broadcasting media in Uganda has stated that civil society and political groupings view the Uganda Broadcasting Corporation as a government owned controlled media.  Visit “Radio” for Full story





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